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Join us in unlocking the treasures kept in archives across Europe

The project is co-funded by the European Union through the Creative Europe programme, the framework programme of the EU for the cultural and audiovisual sectors. The consortium of 8 partners from 7 countries unites a multi-stakeholder team comprised of state archive, a technological institute, a cultural incubator, a research institution and an international network of cultural heritage institutions.


Featured Work

Works of Seneca


Holy Chalice existing in the Monastery of

San Juan de la Peña


Beatus of Tabara


Letter of King Ismail I of Granada to King

James II of Aragon


Letter from David IV, patriarch of Armenia

to King Philip III of Spain



February 2020

In line with the philosophy of large-scale cooperation projects of the Creative Europe programme, the project partners will collaborate in a wide range of complementary and cross-cultural activities and actions.  Develop new business models for European archives in the XXI Century through the realization of various training workshops, round tables on serious games, as well as organize artistic residencies and exchange for graphic and industrial designers. 

Explore new audiences and work with new profiles to promote the archives to new target groups through the realization of an archival literacy online course, the creation of an App linked to the 3 transmedia exhibitions and connected to social networks creation, by teenagers of a virtual European Youths Archives and last but not least further the cooperation with silver researchers and hobby researchers through surveys and crowdsourcing activities. 

Among the new field of business model still quite unexplored by the European archives are the income and visibility opportunities derived from the creation of merchandising products. Undoubtedly, archives need to venture new possibilities of raising their public profiles as, for instance, the museum already do successfully with running their own museum shops.

Sed sit amet dui – Feb 2019

Museums have long discovered the potential of turning art into crowd-pleasing and fun-inspiring merchandising goodies. Who isn`t excited to head straight on to the museum shop after visiting an enticing exhibition and make sure to take home a keepsake of one`s experience of exactly that moment? These goodies embody personal experiences, anchor a moment in time.

Sed sit amet dui – Feb 2019

Olalla Gambín has been selected, along together with other designers from different countries of the EU to participate in the Artistic Residence in February 2020 to discuss and elaborate our ideas to develop merchandising products.  Our goal, turning archival treasures into creative storytellers. 


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