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Art is necessary in our lives


20 August, 2022

Art’s benefits for our daily lives are undisputed. Some of us need art to experience a life full of content; for others, art is the meaning of their life.

It allows us to express ourselves, to connect with our sensibility; it communicates with other people, often using an unwritten language. Art is subjective; each one of us is motivated by a different fact; painting, drawing, writing, reading, music, watching a film; a single purpose, enjoy, each chosen event communicates with our sensibility. It transports us to other worlds, moments of happiness; it strengthens our spirituality, enables us to understand foreign cultures and people.

We are consumers of Art and, other times, we are creators; in both cases, it speaks of our essence as human beings. Our predecessors left us with handprints in different caves around the planet. They needed to communicate, and they used Art as a means of transmission.

What impact does Art have on our daily lives; what if there were no stories to tell our children every night; what if our imagination could not soar to the sound of a musical theme?

It is not about answering every question but about reflecting on the good times we have had together with an artistic expression.


Why do we watch TV series? Stories, beyond the medium in which they are told, open a door to other realities that we need to know, as so many writers express.

We feel identified with the characters, generating the empathy necessary to understand the other; it influences our thinking and ways of acting, more aware of another way of life. At other times it evades us from our realities, giving our minds and souls a respite, enriching us little by little, shaping our characters.

Science tells us that watching complex and emotionally intense stories increases levels of cortisol and oxytocin. These hormones are associated with stress and empathy. Besides, more dopamine is produced, a neurotransmitter released by the brain in pleasurable situations, stimulating us to seek out what gives us that feeling. What gives us pleasure, what makes us feel strong emotions, allows us to experience life with intensity. That intensity leads us to understand things faster and to enjoy them more. It is not for nothing that children should learn life itself from art because art is the appeal to the senses, to the exaltation of the spirit, the contemplation of things from another place, which enables them to endure the mundane and routine.

The German philosopher Georg Simmel gave it primary importance; “Art is the other of life, the liberation from it using its opposite in which the pure forms of things, indifferent to their being enjoyed or not being enjoyed subjectively, reject any contact through our reality but to the extent that the contents of being and fantasy enter into the distance, they come closer to us than they could in the form of reality” His book “The Individual and Freedom”.

It gives our firm the meaning of its existence; we do what we once dreamed of; LIVE FROM ART.


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