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Organic Cotton & Recycled Polyester

I am Olga Toral, designer at Olalla Gambín, and I would like to explain to all of you the fabrics we use to make T-shirts. It is becoming easier to recycle and use recycled fabrics, the price of the raw material is indeed higher, but I believe it is worth it; the last word, as in almost everything, is up to us as consumers.

A point of clarification; for our T-shirt collections,do not buy ready-made T-shirts. and then print them out; a tailor helps us with the pattern scaled to the different sizes; the sizes must have real proportions: we start from the illustration or painting, adapt it to the T-shirt pattern, cut each of the pieces and send it to the workshop for sewing. The sleeves and the back are in plain colours so that when it sent to the workshop, it is a small puzzle that takes shape when the tailor finishes it. We use organic cotton and recycled polyester to make our t-shirt collection.

Organic Cotton; the production is almost entirely in the hands of two countries, India and China. The concept of organic cotton refers to productions with an organic farming model, soil protection to prevent soil erosion, including fertilisation with animal waste manure and insect control with bio-pesticides. Nuestros proveedores de telas cuentan con la certificación Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Independent monitoring is needed to verify that we are indeed using organic and recycled fabrics.

Recycled polyester; is mainly produced from PET bottles (the most common type of plastic used for beverage packaging found in supermarkets). Wastes from polyester industries or even from discarded clothing. It does not need virgin oil to be manufactured, thus reducing the petroleum as raw material. Recycled polyester keeps the same characteristics as the original; it can be washed and ironed, its durability is the same.

While organic cotton is based on organically grown productions, here I show you how recycled polyester is evolving:


Sustainable fabrics have an added advantage; perfect finish offered after printing, bright colours, high-quality finishes, high durability to wear over time. The importance of making clothing that can be machine washed and ironed, especially for the spring-summer seasons when we like to dress in a more fun way and at the same time very practical for the kind of life we lead.

As we started this article, the last word is up to us as consumers. I encourage you to try it and judge for yourself.


To Carlos J. Olivares for his illustrations for the Olalla Estelada collection.

To ARTISTIC TEXTIL’s workshop, the T-shirts are sewn in Mataró, Barcelona.

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