Collaboration with the Firm of Carlos J. Olivares

Collaboration with the Firm of Carlos J. Olivares


We will remember 2020 and 2021 as some of the saddest and most challenging years for the survival of small businesses; “survival” is perhaps one of the words we heard the most. In September 2020, we met Carlos J. Olivares; he had different projects and was looking for a designer to market his fictional characters. Meet Olalla Estelada, a friendly little witch who lives in her enchanted forest. All our work has always revolved around works of art, and since the museums were and are almost closed, it was a good time for new projects. A collaborative effort; designers and creatives from both companies. It has meant an additional effort for both working groups; scarcity of resources, financial and personnel. We have not been able to do as much as we would have liked, but we have done what we love to do. In the end, we have brought to life a stationery collection and a textile collection. In the design of the bags, the focus has been on functionality, fun and colourfulness. A collection of fun crossbody bags that you can wear all day long; can be combined with all kinds of clothes, from jeans to a flowing dress.

The Stationery collection has a mug that is one of our favourites, the enchanted forest of this little witch, with its coloured mushrooms, recalling the magic of our forests, especially after several days of rain, that green grass, the colours, everything that Carlos wanted to transmit to us in the meetings that turned into lively chats.

Now we are missing one of the most essentials parts, the approval of the public. Every sale has two meanings for companies, especially if we are talking about small artisan workshops like ours. On the one hand, it is the recognition from the clients of a job well done, especially when you receive messages about how much they liked it, a photo of how they are wearing it …….. On the other hand, “survival”, the power to reinvest and to continue creating.

Thank you all for your attention, Olalla Estelada awaits you on its website

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