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Odilon Redon (1840 – 1916). Symbolism, surrealism, lover of literature, history, mythology, science and art. Paintings full of imagination, the modern and the ancient, reality and fiction, the conscious and the unconscious; anywhere in the world.


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Collection of Espadrilles dedicated to the world of Odilon Redón

Butterflies and the sea




The importance of materials

Espadrilles, possibly dating back to before the 15th century, have considered for many years poor people’s footwear, although they are the best way to protect the feet from excessive sun.

Materials used; esparto or jute, which makes them last for a long time; lightweight, sweat absorbing. In Spain, espadrilles have been handmade for centuries. In 1322 we found a document written in Catalan describing the “espardenya”.

For our collection, we have chosen jute; you may wonder why we have chosen it. Pedro decided for us, we are dedicated to design collections, but he has been making espadrilles all his life he knows the profession.

Jute extracted from the jute plant. Originally, cultivated in Asian countries, but for many years it has also been grown in Spain.

Advantages of jute: adaptability to the shapes the foot, flexibility; espadrilles sewed by hand, the more flexible the material, the easier it is to work with, breathable; favours foot perspiration.

Jute is sustainable; it does not need pesticides, does not require high water consumption its residues used as fertiliser.

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Butterflies and the sea





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