Olalla Estelada & Olalla Gambín


11 April, 2021
We share a name and illusions.

Dates are sometimes relevant and this one is relevant for us; on 11 February 2021 we merge with the studio of Carlos J. Olivares, we join his project, Olalla Estelada; a little witch who lives in an enchanted forest, who together with her two friends will tell us about her adventures, loves, magic; taking us into a world of fantasy and illusion. They won’t let me reveal more at this moment!!!!!, a pity.

From Olalla Gambín, we design and manufacture their collections and try to accompany this little witch in a handmade way working in collaboration with the studio of Carlos J. Olivares; we want the design to be a reflection of the character that is coming to life.

We invite you all to follow their adventures at olallaestelada.com

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