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It is a pleasure to collaborate with Museums, Institutions, Art Galleries; to get close to their masterpieces, the satisfaction of seeing the finished collection in the shop ready for all those who fall in love with it. Thank you all for trusting our team and, thank you to those who buy one of our articles; it allows us to continue working.


From 2007

Our workshop in Ubrique, Cádiz


Latest partnerships

Partnerships with Museums

Renè Lalique
1860 – 1945

René Lalique and Calouste Gulbenkian shared the experience of an era marked by the fascinating transition of the famous “Belle Époque”, with its particular fin-de-siècle spirit, present above all in the remarkable group of works Arte Estrella Nueva. A friendship and mutual consideration united them, evident in the words of the Collector “My admiration for your unique work has not ceased to grow, throughout the fifty years of our friendship…. I am proud to have, I believe, the largest number of your works….”.

Digital Treasures

Olalla Gambín has the pleasure to participate in this project, to tap into the enormous potential digital collections have for changing the way that information is used, and for developing new ways of preserving, collecting, organizing, propagating and accessing knowledge.

Dress Art

Design at the service of Art


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