Pencil versus Camara


11 April, 2021
The world of art has many artistic trends, and at many moments in history, they have gone hand in hand or have even overlapped.

In 1824, the French scientist Nicéphore Niepce captured the first graphic images; since then, many painters have taken their first steps into the world of photography and, others have even used photography to capture moments that they would later depict in their works.

The project “Toledo Balconies” by Carlos J. Olivares Studio starts with a photograph and superimposes a drawing. The illustration is made after the picture is taken. The amazing aspect of art is that it never stagnates as, long as there is a creative mind willing to explore new possibilities, we can enjoy works that make us dream. With this work, Carlos J. Olivares has achieved; a connection between drawing, photography, imagination and reality.

Balconies of Toledo Collection



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