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Organic Cotton

Organic cotton has its origins in organic farming. Its aim is to make optimal and sustainable use of natural resources.

How organic cotton is grown, natural practices such as crop rotation or animal manures are used instead of artificial fertilisers. Pest control is done by biological methods such as native or insect pests. Organic cotton is harvested by hand to avoid defoliants such as those used in conventional cotton, as when harvested by machine the plantation has to be sprayed with chemical herbicides so that the leaves fall off before harvesting.

Buying organic cotton clothing contributes to improving the quality of life of the people who work on these crops, as it ensures decent working conditions and health by not exposing them to inhalation and contact with highly toxic products. A reduction in environmental impact by using less water consumption, with no pollutants to soil or air. It is also true that the price of production is higher, so all the products produced will have a higher cost. You have the last word, although it would be advisable to buy a garment, use it, see the benefit and decide on that.


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