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Shopping for Gifts in Museum Stores

Being able to acquire a souvenir of what you have seen or experienced in a museum is possible if they have their shop. More and more often, museums have their own spaces, designed as an extension of the masterpieces.  Besides, the institution gets one more way to finance it, so we contribute to its economic support. 

Behind each museum shop, there are several companies, mostly craftsmen.  Collections are developed in collaboration with the purchasing department; with care, respecting the original colours of the paintings, using different materials.  More and more research and development of organic materials that respect the environment and the life of the workers as they are not exposed in many cases to insecticides that are harmful to their health.

Why buy gifts in a Museum Store?

Buying a gift in a museum shop is becoming like buying a gift from the small shop around the corner, original designs and handmade.

Our firm Olalla Gambín belongs to this group of craftsmen who collaborate with different museum shops; exciting, enriching, lucky to be able to collaborate with them. Every day we enrich our days with the appreciation of all the masterpieces we work with. 

I would recommend the exhibition catalogues.  These works are a deep analysis of each exhibition together with unbeatable graphic quality.