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The Shop becomes a Museum

In many ways, it seems that the combination of Art and a piece of clothing is elitist or at least reduced to the interior of a Museum.  It seen that our tastes are changing; there are more and more of us who value these memories, this painting that we could be contemplating forever.

But, who is behind every piece, every collection?  For the most part, I could tell you that craftmens like us.  Collaborating with a museum has ist rewards, you discover masterpieces you don`t know about, indeed, there must also be a return to be able to continue living.  Those who are self-employed, small businesses, will know that we are like those irreductible Gauls; we are moved by the passion for the work we do, often to the point of unconsciouness.

Partners, friends, colleagues and, family; all of us going through this situation, these little things can do so much harm, we used to think these only happen in history books.

Work and perseverance a constant in life.  Thanks for following us, for acquiring our collections, we will keep on working.