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We created bespoke products for museums, galleries and gift shops. Our collections are made in our factory in Ubrique, Spain. Designed and produced with love and care. 


Diseño a medida


Personalizamos nuestras colecciones para museos, galerías de arte y tiendas de regalo. Diseñamos y fabricamos nuestras colecciones desde nuestra fábrica en Ubrique, España. 



Discretion, quality and craftmanship Olalla Gambín since its founding in Ubrique, Spain steeped in the tradition of Spanish`s master leather combined with silk. Brought to our lives the masterpieces of all times. Traditional mastery with breathtaking innovation.  

Gift shops

Obras maestras de la pintura plasmadas en materiales como piel y seda. La colaboración entre el trabajo artesanal y la continua innovación en el diseño. 

Colecciones – Collections

Obras maestras de la pintura plasmadas en materiales nobles como la piel y la seda. La colaboración ente el trabajo artesanal y la continua innovación. 

Colecciones – Collections

Accesorios - Accessories

Bolsos - Bags

Camisetas T-shirts


Colección dedicada al pintor Odilon Redon (1840-1916).  Simbolismo, surrealismo.  Amante de la literatura, historia, mitología, ciencia y arte.  Cuadros llenos de imaginación, lo moderno y lo antiguo, realidad y ficción, el consciente y lo inconsciente.  En cualquier parte fuera del mundo. 

Envío gratis en Peninsula a partir de 50,00€

ATENCIÓN al CLIENTE info@olallagambin.com / 610 291967


CUSTOMER CARE at info@olallagambin.com / + 34 610 291967



A collection dedicated to the painter Odilon Redon (1840-1916).  Symbolism, surrealism.  Lover of literature, history, mythology, science and art.  Paintings full of imagination, the modern and the ancient, reality and fiction, the conscious and the unconscious.  Anywhere outside the world.


Materiales utilizados – Materials selected

Amedeo Modigliani

Conocido por sus rostros y figuras alargadas, no tuvo éxito en su vida. Su pintura sigue viva.

Known for his elongated faces and figures, he did not succeed in his life. His painting is still alive. 

Para esta nueva colección hemos utilizado algodón, como firma debemos experimentar con diferentes tejidos, el resultado ha sido gratificante. 

For this new collection, we have used cotton; as a firm, we must experiment with different fabrics, the result has been gratifying. 

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Camisetas con un 70% de algodón orgánico  

Mujer – Woman


 T-shirts with 70% organic cotton

Envío gratis en Peninsula a partir de 50,00€

ATENCIÓN al CLIENTE info@olallagambin.com / 610 291967


CUSTOMER CARE at info@olallagambin.com / + 34 610 291967


Camisetas      T-shirts

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Arte y Bolso

Arte y Bolsos

Art and Bags

Art and Bags

Arte y Bolsos

Los espectadores del Arce realizada por Hideyori Kanö en 1557.  Esta pintura plasma un grupo de gente disfrutando del follaje del arce al lado del río Kiyotaki de Takao, al norte de Kioto.

Colección escuela Kanö

La escuela Kanö es uno de los grandes pilares de la pintura japonesa. Se cultivo durante el periodo Muromachi gracias a una familia de artistas que sirvió al sogunato Ashikaga. La escuela Kanö nació como influencia de la pintura china, desarrolló un estilo de colores brillantes. 


ENVÍO GRATIS en PENINSULA a partir de 50,00€

ATENCIÓN al CLIENTE info@olallagambin.com / 610 291967

CUSTOMER CARE at info@olallagambin.com / +34 610 291967 


The Kanö School of painting

The Kanö School is one of the great pillars of Japanese painting.  It was cultivated during the Muromachi period by a family of artist who served the Ashikaga Sogunate.  The Kanö School was founded as an influence of Chinese painting, developing a style of bright colours. 


Viste con Arte

Siempre he pensado que moda y Arte van unidas, una visita por los clásicos admirando esas joyas, colores, formas; descubrir a Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo, la lista es muy larga.  Es verdad que nuestra apuesta es más básica, queremos compartir con vosotras/os algunas de nuestras apuestas.  Si os gustan podéis suscribiros a nuestra newsletter, os mantendremos informados de nuestras colecciones.


Dress up with Art

I have always thought that fashion and art go hand-in-hand, a visit to the classics admiring those; jewels, colours and shapes, discovering Mariano Fortuny and Madrazo, the list is very long. Our looks are indeed more basic, we want to share with you some of our outfits. You can subscribe to our newsletter and, we will keep you informed of our collections.


Join us in unlocking the treasures kept in archives across Europe

Olalla Gambín has the pleasure to participate in this project, to tap into the enormous potential digital collections have for changing the way that information is used, and for developing new ways of preserving, collecting, organizing, propagating and accessing knowledge. 

Digital Treasures

The project is co-funded by the European Union through the Creative Europe programme, the framework programme of the EU for the cultural and audiovisual sectors. The consortium of 8 partners from 7 countries unites a multi-stakeholder team comprised of state archive, a technological institute, a cultural incubator, a research institution and an international network of cultural heritage institutions. 

Digital Treasures

In line with the philosophy of large-scale cooperation projects of the Creative Europe programme, the project partners will collaborate in a wide range of complementary and cross-cultural activities and actions.  Develop new business models for European archives in the XXI Century through the realization of various training workshops, round tables on serious games, as well as organize artistic residencies and exchange for graphic and industrial designers. 

Digital Treasures

Explore new audiences and work with new profiles to promote the archives to new target groups through the realization of an archival literacy online course, the creation of an App linked to the 3 transmedia exhibitions and connected to social networks creation, by teenagers of a virtual European Youths Archives and last but not least further the cooperation with silver researchers and hobby researchers through surveys and crowdsourcing activities. 

Digital Treasures

Among the new field of business model still quite unexplored by the European archives are the income and visibility opportunities derived from the creation of merchandising products. Undoubtedly, archives need to venture new possibilities of raising their public profiles as, for instance, the museum already do successfully with running their own museum shops. 

Digital Treasures

Museums have long discovered the potential of turning art into crowd-pleasing and fun-inspiring merchandising goodies. Who isn`t excited to head straight on to the museum shop after visiting an enticing exhibition and make sure to take home a keepsake of one`s experience of exactly that moment? These goodies embody personal experiences, anchor a moment in time.

Digital Treasures

Olalla Gambín has been selected, along together with other designers from different countries of the EU to participate in the Artistic Residence in February 2020 to discuss and elaborate our ideas to develop merchandising products.  Our goal, turning archival treasures into creative storytellers. 


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